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Background Pelabuhan Indonesia II: The commencement of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II cannot be separated from a decision taken by the government of the Republic of Indonesia to establish state enterprise Pelabuhan Negara I, or Perusahaan Negara (PN) Pelabuhan I, to Pelabuhan VIII in 1960. The state-owned companies were established to manage port operation across the country. The company establishment was based on the government decision No. 1/1960 on the general port management conducted by the port management agency or Badan Pengusahaan Pelabuhan (BPP).

The government later started separating operational and commercial aspects within the port management. Since 1964, Badan Pengusahaan Pelabuhan (BPP), comprised of PN Pelabuhan I to Pelabuhan VIII, was only responsible for the commercial aspect management, while the port operational aspect was coordinated by a government agency called Port Administrator.

In later development, the government once again issued a new regulation on port management. The government transformed BPP into a public corporation called Perusahaan Umum (PERUM). As the consequence, BPP only managed general commercialized ports. The management of noncommercialized ports was conducted directly by a technical operation unit under the directorate general for sea transportation of the Transportation Ministry.

Through the decision, the government also simplified the number of institutions managing commercialized ports. The government regulation No. 15/1983 juncto the government regulation No.5, February 5, 1985, the PERUM Pelabuhan was divided into four operational areas which one of them was managed by Perum Pelabuhan II. The four PERUM were state enterprises under the supervision of the Republic of Indonesia’s Transportation Ministry.

However, the status was also revised later. In 1992, the four PERUM were changed into Indonesia Port Corporation I to IV. The name of Perum Pelabuhan II was automatically changed to PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). The decision was based on a notary certificate from Imas Fatimah SH, No.3, dated December 1, 1992. The certificate stated that the company was changed from the public corporation (PERUM) to the limited Liability Company (Persero) to fulfill the requirement of Law No. 1/1995 on Limited Liability Companies.

The change was further approved in the extraordinary shareholders meeting on January 14, 1998 and has been certified by notary Imas Fatimah SH with a certificate No. 4 dated January 14. The change has also approved by the Justice Ministry through a letter No. C2-17612-HT.01.01. TH.98 dated October 6, 1998.

The Company’s statute has been changed for several times, with the latest change was made based of a general shareholders meeting’s decision which was further written in a notary certificate No. 2, dated on August 15, 2008, from notary Agus Sudiono Kuntjoro SH. The statute changes have been approved by The Justice and Human Rights Ministry through a letter No. AHU-80894.AH.01.02.2008, dated November 3, 2008.

With the headquarter in Jakarta, the operational areas of the Company covers 10 provinces. The company manages 12 commercialized ports, which are: the Teluk Bayur Port in West Sumatera; the Jambi Port in Jambi; the Boom Baru Port Palembang in South Sumatera; the Bengkulu Port in Bengkulu; the Panjang Port in Lampung; the Tanjung Pandan and The Balam Ports in Bangka Belitung; the Banten Port in Banten, the Tanjung Priok and the Sunda Kelapa Ports in Jakarta; the Cirebon Port in West Java; and the Pontianak Port in West Kalimantan.

The Company has three subsidiaries, one affiliate, two business units and one joint operation. The subsidiaries are: PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan (PT RSP); PT Multi Terminal Indonesia (PT MTI); PT EDI Indonesia. The affiliate is PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (PT JICT). The two sub business units are Tanjung Priok Car Terminal (TPT) and Port Training Centre (PPK). And the joint operation is Terminal Petikemas Koja (TPK Koja).

In running its business, the Company also forms cooperation with several partners from private companies, such as cooperation in terminal operation; tug boat, and port warehouse management. Moreover, the Company operates in other relevant businesses such as renting out land, buildings, and other port service supporting facilities.

On February 22, 2012, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II ( Persero ) or Pelindo II launched new corporate identity Pelindo II in the transformation into IPC, the company provider of port services in Indonesia are more efficientand modern in many aspects of its operations in order to achieve the goal of becoming aworld class port operator.The spirit of transformation will be applied to the entire company’s activities, both on the strategic aspects of management, agility and flexibility by holds to the principle Energizing trade . Energizing indonesia.

The new corporate identity was wrapped in orange and blue color, each of it represents the sun rises and agility in its expression. The values ​​that contained in the orange is the spirit of change, strength, optimism, and pride of every employee, to work together to stand in the forefront in achieving organizational goals. Blue side of the logo illustrates the new era of readiness to enter a dynamic and flexibility of each component in the company to faced many challenges in order to achieve the objectives of the company, as a world-class port operator.




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