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The number of containers or containers owned by the Port of Port Dwikora Indonesia (Pelindo) II in 2011 is targeted around 124 429 containers in the IPC II Branch of Pontianak. But now the number of containers or containers that are stored in Pontianak branch has exceeded the limit.

In 2008, the number of containers as much as 126 884, then in 2009 increased to 131 753. Then in 2010 the number of containers to be 147 961, and achievements in 2011 increased, even beyond the capacity to 171 133 containers. While the installed capacity of the existing field containers in the port of Pontianak Dwikora can only accommodate 3409 containers.

“As Indonesia, Kalimantan container in the second largest city after Jakarta,” said Head of Public Relations and Marketing Supervisor PT Pelindo II Branch of Pontianak, Satmunar, Tuesday (06/19/2012).
According Satmunar, in Jakarta have a high level of economy of movement of containers. While in London a lot of empty containers due to the movement of goods is not too much. “It`s causing a lot of containers that accumulate over the harbor,” he said.

Satmunar explained, the excess capacity of the container, the IPC made additional expansion of the land area of ​​50 hectares (ha) in Jungkat and 1.6 ha in area of ​​the Port Dwikora. Currently the land is being teinal container construction.
“We add the extension to the container itself in the holly area of ​​the IPC up to 1.6 ha with a length of 168 meters. In addition, the addition carried out in areas Jungkat with the expansion of 50 ha, “said Satmunar.
Currently, PT Pelindo has a new warehouse in the port of Pontianak buildup with an area 5390 square meters and a capacity to accommodate 13 416 tonnes. Then the warehouse stacking containers in the Nipah Yellow with a land area 750 square meters with a capacity of 1,200 tons.
“For other facilities such as stacking, the IPC itself has a stacking containers in the port of Pontianak area of ​​58 898 square meters with a capacity of 68 020 tonnes. While stacking at the Port of Nipah Yellow area of ​​26 105 square meters with a capacity of 41 768 tonnes,” he explained.

Satmunar added, Pontianak port development plan, one of which will develop the construction of container yard deviation ex noalisasi Aspalindo and trenches. Then the development of container construction of swimming 06 yards ex. In addition, the relocation of the Office KPLP workshop and relocation of heavy equipment, construction and development deaga 09 ex sawmill land development.

Expansion area for the storage container is, in fact not only be done by the IPC. But can be done by ordinary people with some conditions must be met. However, there is a container that can be stored by the land owned by the public.
“Regarding the lack of area for storage of these containers, the IPC provides the opportunity for the public who have vacant land covering an area of ​​at least 1-2 ha to build a depot with excellent prospects,” he explained.

Opportunity to rent a container depot, the disclosed Satmunar, is a good prospect to the public with a very lucrative income. Certainly have to work together with PT Pelindo. “The obvious advantage to be gained, in addition to the security of goods and services to the container itself also must be guaranteed,” he said. Sumber: SindoNews.

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