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Pelabuhan Boombaru Palembang Bongkar Muat Menjadi Lebih Cepat

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Activity Boombaru loading and unloading in the port of Palembang, is increasingly short. From six days to two days. Even the original eight-hour demolition activities can be done two hours.

This service can be done quickly because the addition of loading and unloading equipment is packed Container Terminal (TPK).

Current loading and unloading activities in TPK Boombaru far busier than ever before.

Heavy equipment that resembles an elephant`s trunk attached to a sturdy and look crowded in the harbor.

All the heavy equipment work automatically, like a container crane which was originally only one has added one more unit. So is the rail Mounted Gantry (four units), Jeb Crane (four units).

To all operating transfer of containers from the ship, then transferred to TPK.

General Manager of PT Pelindo II (Persero) Branch Palembang Sigit Satyaputra Indra accompanied Asman Duskisyah Marketing and Public Relations said that while reviewing TPK, TPK is currently arranging and conventional dock, including the optimization of the Port Boombaru which has an area of ​​1.5 ha.

“Setting the arrival of the ship has been started so that the activity of loading and unloading faster and does not pose a high cost,” he told, Tuesday (20/3).

It is said, according to the instructions of Directors and the Minister for Enterprise, improved loading and unloading systems are supported with the addition of loading and unloading facilities and service equipment freight traffic more quickly.

Vessels transporting or unloading staple products, such as rice, sugar, cement, or manure, can ship faster.

“If it is too long the unloading process is very concerned about rising prices. Consequently, the disadvantaged communities,” said Indra.

Indra target profit from the ease of service in 2012 amounted to Rp 70 billion of total revenue in 2011 and Rp 50 billion.

This target can be achieved because of ship visits in Boombaru in 2011 totaled 2548 units of the ship.

By comparison of vessel traffic greater exports, namely 1,415,835 tons, while imports of goods that enter via boombaru only 555 817 tonnes. That means, exports grew rapidly in South Sumatra. Sumber: Sriwijaya Post.

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